Very satisfied with the service. Item arrived quickly, well packaged, and exactly as described. Will definitely order again!

Made from 100% natural silk, well known for its anti ageing and hypoallergenic properties.

White Silk Pillowcases – 100% Natural Silk

22 Momme | 51cm x 76cm


(36 customer reviews)


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Introducing the Flair pure mulberry white silk pillowcase.

Made from 100% natural silk, well known for its anti ageing and hypoallergenic properties.

This luxurious silk white pillowcase will reduce bed hair and split ends and help maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature in winter and summer.

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Is it 100% pure silk?

Of course! All our Flair™ products are made of the highest grade (6A) of long fibre, 100% pure mulberry silk.

We produce our pillowcases according to very high standards of quality, and we never use any toxic dyes.

What is Flair

Hair stylists, beauty experts, super models, and even dermatologists around the world all consider Flair™ as their best kept secret.

These pillowcases are hypoallergenic, totally natural, and do wonders for your skin and hair while you are sleeping due to their non-absorbent fibers.

How is a Flair silk pillowcase going to help my skin?

Your face and hair come into direct contact with your pillowcase much more than any other fabric, and because Flair™ fibers are much less absorbent than cotton, your face will be better hydrated than if you sleep on a more absorbent fabric like cotton.

Furthermore the smoothness and softness of these pillowcases mean there will be much less friction on your face as your roll around at night.

How is a Flair silk pillow slip going to help my hair?

If you are sick of waking up in the morning with wild bed-head, a high-quality silk pillowcase will actually improve the situation significantly.

A lot of your bed-hair comes from rolling and scraping your hair all night across a relatively rough surface. Silk pillowcases are much smoother and less hard on your hair.

What is 22 Momme Silk?

Momme weight is a means of measuring the quality of silk, and the higher the momme weight, the higher quality the silk is.

Silk bedding with a high momme weight like 22 will appear significantly shinier and more lustrous, and will also last significantly longer (sometimes up to twice as long as silk bedding with a lower momme weight).

Is a Flair silk pillowcase easy to wash?

Yes – Turn the silk pillowcase inside out, place inside a mesh laundry bag, and wash with a mild detergent. Use a basic detergent (with low pH) such as washing soap. Heavy chemicals can only harden the silk (e.g., alkaline, bleach). There are also detergents specialised for silk in the market

How often should silk pillowcases be washed?

Depending on how much facial cream or moisturizers you use, pillowcases can become dirty quite quickly.

Even if you shower before bed, we recommend washing your pillowcases every week to make sure they are always very clean.

If you have a cold or a serous acne problem then you might sometimes want to wash your sheets even more than once per week.

Having a spare set of pillowcases can be a big help for situations in which you need to wait for your first set to air dry overnight.

36 reviews for Pure Silk Pillowcases | Mulberry Silk Pillow Case | Silk Pillow Slip

  1. Sari

    Perfect. Already ordered for second time. Great for curly hair.. Reduces frizz. No smell. I recommend.

  2. Christine

    Wonderful will order more. So soft and my skin looks radiant… great buy

  3. Joyce Bowman

    really nice silk pillow case. I recommend. I will buy more

  4. Asha Funk

    Absolutely beautiful colour and feels like a cloud to sleep on

  5. Karl Mcconohay

    fast arrival, very satisfied

  6. Paul Greezely

    Colour is 100%. Good product quality

  7. Leonard Armstrong

    very high quality, made very neatly. its not thick but not transparent either. recommended.

  8. Scheving Borkelsson

    The item as described … very well made, feels great, the color is a little brighter than shown, but this could be the screen, it is vibrants, soft and very well made. I would buy again and would recommend!

  9. Kayla Griffin

    Great quality and awesome service, I am very pleased and will order again! Thank you!

  10. Matt Hughes

    as described and fast delivery

  11. Martin Reddit


  12. Adam Maull

    Perfect fit, very satisfied with the pillowcases.

  13. Matthew Wheeler

    Very satisfied with the service. Item arrived quickly, well packaged, and exactly as described. Will definitely order again!

  14. Daniel Mullikin

    Good quality silk, thank you!

  15. Gabby

    very satisfied with this order. the light blue color is very nice, very soft touch, excellent quality.

  16. Ron Ipswitcher

    Wrong color was shipped , but its so nice i dont care. If this is silk or not, I have no clue ( I am a heterosexual man) but they look good and feel good.

  17. Peter S

    Excellent product. Came on time and is easy to use. Very pleased with the product and would buy it again.

  18. Sue Lloyd

    Good Morning,
    I have just taken delivery of my order and would like to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of the product and the very short delivery time. 6 days from Thailand to New Zealand is fantastic. I would certainly recommend your company to friends and family
    Sue Lloyd

  19. Chelsea

    Super soft, silk pillow cases that shipped fast, and were exactly as advertised, what more can you ask for.. looking forward to buying another set so so don’t have to sleep without them 🙂

  20. Sue Lloyd

    Beautiful product and amazing delivery time. Will recommend to friends and family.

  21. Yvette

    Fantastic pillowcases! I
    Arrived super quick.
    I’ve been using for about a week now, I am not waking up with bed hair and I’m sleeping much better.

  22. Sylvia

    Great pillowcases, very roomy. Love them, great for my hair. Amazing delivery time.

  23. Angela Graham

    Very fast shipment, great company to deal with.
    Love my pillowcases

  24. Jeannie Moffat

    Arrived quickly and am very impressed with the quality. My last pillow slip (different brand) came away at seems. Love the tidy zip. Beautiful feel. Genuine silk. Very happy. Thank you Flair 💗💗💗

  25. Susan

    Very satisfied with my pillowcases. Arrived quickly and the quality is good. Lovely to sleep on. However the white is more ivory in color but I don’t find that a problem.

  26. Yvette

    Love my pillowcase, it certainly has helped with my asthma. Great quality and price. Would definitely recommend.

  27. Colleen Macdonald

    Stoked they arrived so quickly.. thanks.. I’m sleeping better and my hair is easier to tame in the morning! Love my pillow cases.

  28. Linda

    Love love love it so posh comes with a zip!!!! very quick delivery.

  29. Henriette

    Very happy with the beautiful soft pillowcases. I have very long hair and do it in 2 plaits and used to tangle up but any more. The service was great and arrived fast

  30. Elizabeth

    Beautiful pillowcases – very pleased with quality and delivery time

  31. Raewyn

    Very satisfied with pillowcases & arrived very quickly. Would recommend

  32. Traci

    Beautiful pillowcases, great quality and super fast delivery. I will definitely purchase more.

  33. Adrienne

    Great quality and fit well over a large pillow, love the zip. Hair was not a frizzy haystack this morning!

  34. Margaret Johnson

    My husband and myself suffer from sweating throughout the night, me more. Since receiving these pillowcases we have a better sleep, not tossing around as much. Thanks 🙏

  35. Sharon Standish-White

    Perfect for your skin and hair – wake up looking refreshed! No bedroom hair and no ‘sleeping’ wrinkles on your face! Feels so luxurious too.

  36. Thank you

    Very comfortable indeed.
    Washed & cool ironed fine.
    Would buy again
    Thank you Flair

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