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 Improve Your Hair, Skin and Health While You Sleep! The Flair Pure Silk Pillowcase Slip …. now delivering direct to your Rothesay Bay door

Is silk really a luxury? Not quite.

Today, aesthetically and functionality wise, there is nothing like silk.


Over the years, man has exhausted his resources in trying to copy silk with products like synthetic satin, linen satin, etc. But, nothing has really ever come close to the health benefits of the real thing.


Silk Pillowcases in themselves have been around from the time of the “Maharajas” in India.


Even today, in many households Silk Pillowcase 100% are a must. If you are wondering why choosing a Silk Pillowcases 100% Mulberry Silk might benefit you, we are going to get you acquainted with top 7 Silk Pillowcase Wholesale benefits.


1) Hypoallergenic: the hypoallergenic properties of Silk Pillowcases New Zealand do wonders in your battle with allergies or sensitive skin.


Silk contains a rare protein that naturally repels dust mites, so they are also anti-bacterial! Cotton can become a breeding ground for allergens, so if you tend to wake up in the morning with a cough, stuffy nose, or watery eyes, changing to silk sheets may do you more good than allergy medications.


Those with sensitive skin may also find that they wake up with fewer blemishes, puffiness, and redness on their skin.


2) Anti-aging: because Flair™ fibers are much less absorbent than other fibers like cotton, your skin will stay healthier and younger because it will retain more of its moisture during sleep (keeping in mind that we spend roughly one third of our lives in bed).


Sleeping with  Silk Pillowcases 100% over time can help promote supple skin because of this moisture retention, and it can even keep your wrinkles at bay. Because cotton is so absorbent, if you treat your face with any lotions before bed, your cotton pillowcases are just going to suck most of your moisturizing lotions up overnight! Because our Flair Silk Pillowcases With Zipper are so much less absorbent, you also get the added benefit of letting your moisturizers do the job they were meant to be doing overnight.


3) Less friction: as our skin ages, it loses its elasticity and many people start to experience sleep creases caused by pressure and friction on your face’s skin while sleeping. Silk Pillowcase 100% have been estimated to have 40% less friction than other materials.


4) No toxins: because our pillowcases have never been treated with any toxic or harmful chemicals, they are very healthy for your hair and skin.


5) Pure mulberry silk: meeting the strictest guidelines from OEKO TEX, you can be sure that our silk products are made from 100% pure mulberry silk.


6) Highest grade: our 22 Momme Silk Pillowcase Cover  are among the heaviest silks available, meaning that they are thicker, silkier, and of higher quality than some of the less expensive silk alternatives you may find.


7) Temperature regulation: Genuine silk has temperature regulating properties that help you to keep cool throughout the entire night, and help to prevent fluctuating temperatures from disturbing your sleep in the middle of the night.


8) Hair damage and bed head: you may assume that bed head is an unavoidable part of your nightly sleep, but industry-leading hair stylists have known for a long time now that cotton sheets are surprisingly rough when viewed under a microscope, and that tossing and turning on cotton all night means scraping your hair up, causing split ends, dull hair, and a tangled mess in the morning.


Silk Pillowcases 22 momme allows your hair to glide peacefully over it without any harsh dragging or scraping, and even helps to keep your hair in place overnight and avoid bed head altogether!


Given that a quality set of Silk Pillowcase With Zipper will last you a lifetime, the long-term benefits of silk clearly offset the extra cost.


Available Colours Include: